About Corepics

Introducing Corepics: We are: Hugo de Wolf and Jarno Kraayvanger. We are two photo professionals with a background in imaging, engineering and marketing. Together we are Corepics VOF. Our goal is to create cost and time effective, profitable, highly usable and versatile stock imagery. In the very beginning, this was mainly done through microstock, but as Corepics VOF grew, we expanded our scope and started contributing in the royalty free and rights managed parts of the stock world.

However, we are not just another stock company! What makes our company differ from the thousands of other stock companies that fill up the databases of the stock agencies:

  • Realism, we capture actual people in their own environment to produce real images doing what they love to do
  • Niche subjects, we don’t shoot subjects that have been shot a million of times, we find niches in stead
  • Approach, with a solid background in engineering as well in stock imaging,  our approach to photography is completely different from any other contributor
  • Awareness, we are able to adapt ourselves to changes in the stock market, customer demand and style- and fashion changes due to close cooperation from a number of stock agencies and a broad and versatile network